Why Multiple Rear Lights?

Why have multiple lights on your bike?  The answer is very simple - multiple lights allow a motorist approaching to understand how quickly they are approaching.  Multiple lights give them a way to gauge distance that one taillight can never do.

Why Synchronized Lights

Why Synchronized lights?  Humans have a natural ability to follow a pattern.  When we create a pattern of light we immediately are more recognizable as an object.  An approaching motorist will notice you further away and be able to see where you are and how fast they are approaching with multiple, synchronized lights.  Two lights is good.  Three lights are even better.

Why Arsenal Cycling

Arsenal Cycling - What's in a name?  We want to be your arsenal of cycling products that you go to in order to feel safer on the pavement, gravel or trail.  The 4Sync Lights are the first of what will be many products binding technology, safety and cycling together.more about this item. What's it about and what makes it interesting? Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want.

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